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LymphScar Occupational Therapy


Effective January 31st 2022, proof of vaccination will be required in order to be seen in the rooms at LymphScar Occupational Therapy.  If you are not vaccinated, please call 08 9246 0287 to discuss what options we can offer to you.

What is LymphScar

LymphScar Occupational Therapy is a person-centred practice. We aim to provide care for you as a whole person, addressing your specific needs around your lymphoedema, your scarring, or your desire to remain independent in your own home. Our approach is to consider your individual circumstanced, preferences, commitments and lifestyle, not just your diagnosis or functional limitation.

We pride ourselves of being an evidence-based practice, on our professionalism, on our warmth, care and compassion, and the depth of our experience. We are committed to providing care and solutions that are based on what you want and need, and working with you to get the possible outcomes for you.

LymphScar Occupational Therapy was started by passionate Occupational Therapists Jane Broadhurst and Rosemary Kendell who have a combined experience in excess of 55 years. They are dedicated to providing an excellent service based in the Northern Suburbs of Perth, and are gradually building their team of highly experienced clinicians who are equally committed to evidence, excellence, best practice, integrity and care.

Our Vision

To be a leader in therapy and the way services are accessed by, and delivered to the community. We are passionate about personal care coupled with evidence-based practice and strive to be innovative, current and personal in the way care is delivered.

Our Mission

To pursue our vision through keeping each person in the centre of their care, and to deliver excellence in lymphoedema treatment, scar management and supporting independence in the home.

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